100% Natural

A new flavour from Savia Natura

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Our exclusive system keeps natural properties


100% Natural

The key is the low pressure, as this reduces the temperature we need to apply, not only for frying but also for dehydrating. This reduction heat involves less oxidation, minimizing the changes of the properties of the products during the process, preserving the flavour, the colour and the nutrients.

CHIPS (Vacuum fried)

  • In vacuum, under reduced pressure
  • Below the boiling point (<80º)
  • Fast removal of the water: more crunchy
  • The removal of oil by centrifugation

Fry on low heat is the process known as cameralisation used in the kitchen fopr its pleasant smell and flavour. If we use this well-known method at low pressure, it works on the water and fructose molecules, getting a sweet and crunchy product.
We use rice bran oil for the process of the confit.

CRISPY (Vacuum dried)

  • Latest technology for the drying process

The vacuum reduces the atmospheric pressure, so the temperature required decreases to evaporate the the humidity, as a result a crunchy product with all their properties.

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