100% Natural

A new flavour from Savia Natura

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Greenday take care of your health


Our philosophy is that GREENDAY SNACK is a product not only tasty, but healthy too. That is why, we only use rice bran oil during the process of frying, an exclusive oil that is itself a proteins and nutrients source, including an important quantity of vitamins and minerals. Its high content of unsaturated fatty acids and powerful antioxidants substances make this oil some functional food, for its role in the reduction of cholesterol levels. These are the properties that remain in the final product, ya que the excess oil is eliminated through the sophisticated centrifugation process.

  • Low fat content

  • Keep the vitamins and nutrients

  • Always crispye

-34% Calories* -35% Fat* -75% Saturated Fat*

Fruit and vegetables are always at healthy and balanced diets. With GREENDAY you won't give up to have a delicious snack, it keeps the properties of the original product providing vitamins, fibres and the rest of nutrients. Also, its low calories content and fats, represents some perfect food for all the family.

* The comparative evaluation submitted between GREENDAY and the traditional snacks of increased consumption: all kinds of chips (artisan, gourmet, light, different flavours,etc..) pop corn, the frieds…